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We provide business owners and individuals the opportunity to generate alternative revenue streams by pairing them with our partners and service providers.

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As an agent of National Wireless Partners, you have the opportunity to generate revenue while providing high quality services to your customers at a tremendous cost savings to them!

Whether you use your own network and marketing techniques or follow our proven systems for promotion and advertising - you will have the tools you need to begin creating a successful business while working around your own schedule and location.

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No Direct Sales

As an affiliate your position is to create referrals - it's that simple. Once you find a potential client, all you need to do is put us in contact with them using your website.

Dollar bills

Aggressive Commissions

Our commission structure is above average for our industry and ensures you have the opportunity to maximize your earnings for each and every client you bring in.


Dedicated Agent Support

From our back office tracking system to our affiliate support and training resources - we provide everything you will need to get your business started and growing.

Designed for individuals & entrepenuers.

Our affiliate referral program puts the power of National Wireless Partners and our business networks in your hands. As an affiliate partner, you will have the ability to offer wireless services, telecommunications services and a growing list of other valuable services to those in your area.

Program Features:

  • No customer service required on your part
  • Competitive savings for your clients
  • Offer the same high quality wireless & other services
  • Easy lead submission - no complicated paperwork
  • Our team handles all customer interactions for you
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Professional customized tools for your business

Get your own affiliate website & back office lead tracking system

Our professional design team has created a lead generation and submission website which is optimized for easy lead submissions. Refer your potential to the website and we will reliably collect their information.

Once a client has been enterred into the system, our prompt and courteous customer service team takes over - we will confirm their information and generate a custom quote for their services. The best part? We present this quote and work with the client to convert them into a sale which generates a commission for your business!

Our back office system shows you the status of every lead submitted through your site and also offers valuable training and resources you will need to get your business off the ground.

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Speak to a recruiter about getting started with National Wireless Partners and any promotions available in your area. If you have any questions or comments you can email us or call customer service at 877-582-7764.