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The National Wireless Partners Advantage

The wireless industry is a competitive marketplace and as a consumer you are faced with many choices for service providers. Wireless service (talk, text, and mobile data) is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide and most providers are using many of the same networks to provide reliable speed and coverage for their customers.

Because there are so many providers and networks, it can often be difficult to know where you will get the best value and highest quality of service - this is where the National Wireless Partners Advantage works for you. Our company works with the top wireless providers in the country to bring our customers the absolute best value and quality of service.

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Supporting the Latest Technology


Android Phones

We support all of the latest Android phone models including Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola and more. Special Promotions and Discounts available, contact us to learn more!

Apple iPhone

We offer the latest in Apple iPhone technologies with a wide variety of options to suit your personal or business needs. Check out our selection and special offers to find the phone that is perfect for you.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Your business needs to stay connected to stay competitive! Our 4G LTE coverage allows you to connect to the internet anytime to be sure you will stay a step ahead of your competitors.

Tablets & Smart Devices

Keep connected with a wide variety of smart devices and tablets, all connected to the fastest through an LTE Network. Our tablets and smart device technology keep you and your employees up to date.

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We understand that there is not always a "one size fits all" wireless provider. This is why we work with our customers to find the best fit for your geographic region, service plan, and devices you need to enjoy your life or run your business.

The National Wireless Partners

Our strategic partnerships with the top wireless carriers in the country allow us to provide a customized quote for every client based on the information you give us. By allowing us to "shop" your services and needs to different providers and partners, we can be sure you have the best fit and highest quality of service.

Our Promise

Our customer service team is committed to providing the highest level of service to all of our customers. You can reach us at anytime to assist you with your service and any issues along the way.

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Customer feedback is a valuable resource for us at National Wireless Partners. As you sign up for services and continue to utilize your wireless accounts, we want to hear from you. Contact our customer service team and share your experience with us so we can continue to improve.